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About Us

"Every country needs a strong chapter of Transparency International"

Jeffrey Sachs

Transparency International (TI) Ireland is the Irish chapter of the worldwide movement against corruption (defined as the abuse of entrusted power for private gain). It was founded in 2004 and is part of the only global organisation dedicated to stopping corruption worldwide, working to create a "level playing field" for citizens, for business, for everyone.

Its vision is an Ireland that is open and fair – and where entrusted power is used in the public interest. TI Ireland’s mission is to empower people with the support they need to promote integrity and stop corruption in all its forms.

As part of this vision, in May 2011, TI Ireland launched its 'Speak Up’ helpline, a service for anyone facing an ethical dilemma or considering reporting wrongdoing at work.

TI Ireland's members and staff care deeply about our country's international reputation, fairness in society, the health of our democracy and the future of Irish business.

TI Ireland is independent of government, politically non-partisan, and is not profit making. It will not accept any donation which might compromise its independence. Although it receives funding for individual projects and services (such as training), it will not seek discretionary financial support from government, business or trade unions.

TI Ireland bases all policy positions on sound objective and professional analysis, and will continue to engage with diverse people and groups from across Irish society, including government, business, and civil society, in order to pursue its mission.

Transparency International's campaign against corruption is supported through a range of information, education and research programmes around the world. TI carries its work out through its International Secretariat based in Berlin and its network of over 100 chapters and affiliates worldwide.

Transparency International Ireland is a member of the Whistleblowing International Network.