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Contacting the Helpline by freephone

You can contact our Speak Up team on Freephone 1800 844 866

Bear in mind when calling:

  • Our office hours are 10.00 to 18.00, Monday to Friday
  • We are closed on public holidays
  • You can choose to leave a voicemail message if we are unable to answer when you call.  A call back from the service team members will appear on your phone without caller ID.
  • No telephone conversation can be encrypted or guaranteed to be 100% fully secure
  • You do not have to give us your name or contact details
    (however we will need some contact details if we are to follow up on your initial call)
  • Any details you provide will be treated in strict confidence

Contacting the Helpline by email

If you prefer, you can contact us online by filling out our secure online form above. If this is your first contact with the service and you want us to get back in touch with you, please provide us with contact details.  Please provide us with your first name only (or a pseudonym) if possible and please do not identify any person, place, product, workplace or organisation related to your concern. General information is enough. This is to avoid compromising yourself or our organisation. If you do provide us with specific information, we may need to report it to the relevant authorities.  Please do not send us any documentation in the first instance.  If needed, we will ask you to provide us with copies in due course. 

Whether you contact us by phone or email, we would suggest taking the following precautions if you are concerned about being traced:


  • Think carefully about the information you give us
  • Avoid sending information from a work or home computer
  • Make sure that the computer you use to send us this message is free of malware and spyware - particularly keystroke logging malware. Update and upgrade your antivirus protection software
  • Consider setting up your own Hushmail account to communicate with us. You can set up a free hushmail email account here.  Address your hushmail emails to


  • Call from your office or home landline. Also avoid calling from a bill-pay phone – a pay as you go mobile is best
  • Tell anyone else that you are considering reporting a concern, unless a legal professional advises you that it is safe to do so
  • Make a copy of your correspondence with us on your home or work computer