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"Development and Accountability - New Opportunities for Civil Society", with Kulan Amin

TI/TCD Workshop, Dublin - 29 September

The fifth of five seminars in 2008 for development agencies focused on strengthening accountability in partner countries and opportunities for civil society to contribute to the promotion of accountability in development and public participation in decision making.

Kulan Amin joined TI in January 2007 as Programme Manager, Poverty and Development. Prior to joining TI she worked for over 5 years with the European Commission in India managing an extensive portfolio of bilateral projects in the field of rural development and environment in India and Bhutan and more recently a water sector policy support programme in Rajasthan. Between 1996 and 1999 Kulan worked for the German Development Cooperation (GTZ) projects in India providing capacity building support to NGOs engaged in the areas of sustainable livelihoods, natural resource management and micro-credit.

This event was supported by Irish Aid