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Transparency International Ireland statement on allegations of bullying and harassment at TI Secretariat, Berlin

21 August 2019

[Note: The Transparency International Board of Directors announced its intention on 23 August 2019 to commission an independent investigation into alleged misconduct at TI-Secretariat, Berlin. Two reports were commissioned in June 2020 by TI with the findings based on a sample of concerns raised by staff.]

Transparency International (TI) chapters and our colleagues at the TI Secretariat (TI-S) are engaged in ground-breaking and essential work in fighting corruption worldwide. Given the importance of this work and our cause, the conduct of our leadership needs to be above reproach.

Although concerns of misconduct will be raised in any large organisation, what matters most is that people feel safe in speaking up, that their concerns are comprehensively addressed, and that the appropriate action is taken where necessary.

It is for this reason and in the interests of the wellbeing of TI-S staff, that TI Ireland’s Chief Executive, John Devitt made a protected disclosure on their behalf to the TI international Board in October 2018 detailing allegations of bullying and related misconduct at our international secretariat in Berlin.

TI Ireland called for an independent investigation/review of those concerns and the circumstances that might have allowed them go unaddressed. Some of these concerns are highlighted in a Guardian article, published today.

Such a review is urgently needed so that we can learn from our experiences, take whatever action is needed to safeguard our people and focus on our mission to fight corruption.