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Events in Ireland

Dublin, 2 April 2008 - The 2008 Annual General Meeting of Transparency International Ireland will be held on Thursday 3 July from 6pm to 7pm at Buswells Hotel, Molesworth St, Dublin 2.

It will be followed by a presentation from Akere Muna on his experiences fighting corruption in Africa and beyond. 

All are welcome – please feel free to forward to anyone who may be interested in attending. Membership is available on the evening.

The meeting will be followed by a drinks reception at Buswells Hotel.


6pm to 7pm

1. Presentation and Adoption of the TI Ireland Annual Report and Financial Statements ended 31st December 2007

2. Election of the Board of Directors

3. Any Other Business

7pm to 8pm

Presentation from Akere Muna, Vice Chair of TI worldwide and President of the Pan African Lawyers Union.