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Interactive Table

TI Ireland’s National Integrity Index 2021 on semi-states and universities aims to assess how well prepared selected organisations (drawn from the Central Statistic Office's Register of Public Sector Bodies) are to face corruption-related risks, through an evaluation of their policies and public disclosure in five areas: anti-corruption and anti-bribery programmes; financial transparency; open governance; responsible political engagement; and whistleblowing policies.

The table below lists the organisations assessed in alphabetical order by default. You can click on the column headings to sort by name, overall rank, overall score, or individual category scores. For example, if you would like to see the list sorted by scores in the anti-corruption programmes category, click on the relevant column heading.  

Please note that these scores represent an evaluation of policies and levels of transparency, and should be considered in conjunction with the accompanying report and indicators. The scores are not reflective of any organisation's actual performance in addressing corruption and this study draws no conclusions, either positive or negative, in that regard.