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The Integrity at Work Team

Our expertise

The Integrity at Work (IAW) team brings expertise in whistleblowing, ethics and anti-corruption. We provide tailored guidance and training on developing and implementing whistleblowing/ protected disclosures policies and procedures; fostering ethical workplaces and developing anti-corruption frameworks. 

Our people

John Devitt, TI Ireland Chief Executive
John directs the IAW programme on behalf of TI Ireland. He founded TI Ireland in 2004 and has extensive experience in developing policy, leading research and providing support to whistleblowers and witnesses. He was a contributor to Transparency International’s ‘International Principles for Whistleblowing Legislation’ and advised the Irish Government and legislators on the Protected Disclosures Act 2014 as well as the United Nations, European Parliament, and Council of Europe on whistleblower protection. John is an ethics and communications specialist and holds a first-class Master’s degree in Ethics from Dublin City University.

Stephanie Casey, Integrity at Work Programme Manager
Stephanie manages the Integrity at Work (IAW) programme at Transparency International Ireland. She is responsible for the development and delivery of IAW member support including training, policy guidance and events as well as communicating the aims and vision of the initiative to a wide range of audiences and stakeholders. Stephanie has worked in the non-profit sector for over eighteen years, previously holding senior managerial roles in Oxfam Ireland, the Irish Cancer Society and Arthritis Ireland. Stephanie holds a first-class MA in Ethics from Dublin City University. For more details on the IAW Programme, call Stephanie at (01) 554 3953 or email support[at]

Niamh O’ Connor, TI Ireland Programme Executive
Niamh coordinates communications, training and fundraising for Transparency International Ireland and the IAW programme. Niamh previously worked as a Public Relations consultant in the UK and Australia. She has developed and implemented public education programmes for a wide range of organisations in the healthcare and non-profit sectors. Niamh graduated from University of Greenwich, London with a Master’s in Media and Communications. 

Lauren Kierans, TI Ireland Associate
Lauren provides training and policy guidance to IAW members She is a practising barrister specialising in Whistleblowing Law. Lauren has completed a PhD relating to Protected Disclosures and has published articles, book chapters and national reports on whistleblowing law. She has recently co-authored ‘Protected Disclosures Act 2014 -Annotated Legislation’ with Anthony Kerr (published by Round Hall). Lauren was awarded the governmental project for the drafting of the protected disclosures procedures guidance for public bodies on behalf of the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform.

Gráinne Madden, TI Ireland Associate
Gráinne delivers training on whistleblowing procedures,, anti-corruption and ethics to IAW members. She is the founder and senior consultant of GMJ Associates, which provides guidance to Irish businesses on responsible business practice. Her work includes development of corporate responsibility strategy, non-financial reporting and report assurance, development and implementation of ethical compliance programmes and protected disclosure policies. Gráinne also lectures on Corporate Responsibility to MBA students in Trinity College Dublin and Griffith College Dublin.